The solar system. History, movement, curiosity

The book is made of six articles revised and expanded, published in the column ?Che numeri!? of the review Newton from 2003 to 2007: the first chapter describes the movement of the stars seen from the terrestrial point of reference; the second explains how their geometry changes placing the Sun at the centre of the system; the third justifies from a geometrical point of view the analemma, the strange shape formed by the Sun in a year in respect to a given terrestrial observer; the fourth concerns the calendar, its origins and the difficulties to harmonize the movements with the Sun with those of the Moon; the fifth is about the instability of the solar system caused by the physical problem of the so called n-body problem, that is the unpredictability of the evolution in time of n-bodies that interact. Particularly it deals with the five Lagrangian points, particular equilibrium points for a small body attracted by other two; the sixth deals with the orbits of some celestial bodies whose periods are related with integer, that is in resonance.

Silvana Leggerini has graduated in maths at the University of Firenze, where she was student of Luigi Campedelli. She has been a high school teacher for many years, and now she is the author of the column ?Che numeri!? of the scientific magazine Newton. Here she helps her readers to discover and understand cultural aspects of maths. She collaborates with the Museum of Natural and Archaeological History in Montebelluna.



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    • Il sistema solare. Storia, movimenti, curiosità
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