Ruber Palus, Red Pole

Ruber Palus, Palo Rosso, is Priapus. A dialogue between professor Tommaso and the god of fertility, sometimes ironic, sometimes bitter, it gives a raw but loving idea of Veneto, for a biography chronicled following the Great History that continuously raises questions to his life, even though with a private resonance.
Christian and pagan culture, the quarrel between body and soul, spirit and matter mark Tommaso?s life, who is looking for rescue with the help of Priapus.
The only gleam of truth is maybe hidden in literature, that Tommaso wants to give to his students as a mean of salvation: the pages of the books suggest a real meaning of life, while from the outside loom psychic monsters, frightful giants and everything assumes a beastly form that even Priapus, the pagan god of fields and life, seems to abandon.

Franco Zizola graduated at the Università Cattolica of Milan and was a teacher of Italian and Latin in high schools. A life lived in the schools, among the pages of the books and love for literary word, which he has expressed in Il convittore, Rebellato 1968, La valle serena, Rebellato 1985, Il sogno di Orfeo, Zanetti, 1998; La chiave nel pozzo, Canova, 1998; La mano di Dio, Canal & Stamperia Editrice, 2000. Recently he has published Ruber Palus ? Palo Rosso ed. Lunargento.



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  • AA. VV.
  • Franco Zizola
  • Love me in Veneto
  • Ruber Palus
  • 9788896058091
  • ISBN 9788896058015
  • 123
  • 216
  • january 2014
  • Lunargento 2009
  • English and Russian
  • Italian


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